Remembering Zebulun Pfeiffer

Kankakee SWAT team member and Sheriff’s Deputy, Zebulun J. Pfeiffer, 35, died of a heart attack, while at home, on May 13.

Pfeiffer trained on Olivet’s campus with Kankakee County’s SWAT team during last year’s spring break. The SWAT team trains at Olivet in case of an emergency on campus.

Serving Kankakee County for 17 years, Pfeiffer was selected as deputy in 2001. Sheriff Tim Bukowski said, “He never hesitated to heed the call of duty and placed himself in harm’s way on many occasions during his career.”

Pfeiffer served the community in various areas, including as a patrol deputy, a SWAT team member, an investigator with the Kankakee County Major Crimes Task Force, and an agent of the United State’s Marshal Service Fugitive Apprehension Unit.

“Zeb is missed in the training exercises because of his passion and his willingness to help other team members,” Kankakee SWAT commanding officer Andy Bayston said. “He brought validity to what the training was about and understood the importance of knowing how to perform in the line of duty. This included keeping himself safe as well as the safety of others.”

Personal friend of Assistant Director of Public Safety Darren Blair, Blair and Pfeiffer knew each other since being at Kankakee Community College. “I met him at Kankakee Community College around 1997 or 1998,” Blair recalls. “We would then cross paths later in life based on our career choices, his in law enforcement and mine in Public Safety.”

Pfeiffer and Blair’s children were in the same preschool class together, something they realized shortly before Pfeiffer passed away.

“The last thing I would say personally is, he was a good friend to many,” Blair said. “Of course, when you think you know someone, it is not until they are gone that you wished you got the chance to know them just a little better.”

Pfeiffer is survived by his wife, Jenny, and his four-year-old daughter, Alyssa.

Allie Alexy

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