American sniper killer guilty

STEPHENVILLE, TEX. — Former Marine and Iraq War veteran Eddie Ray Routh, 27, was found guilty of capital murder Tuesday night for the fatal shootings on Feb. 2, 2013 of American Sniper Chris Kyle, 38, and his friend Chad Littlefield, 35, USA Today reports.

The Oscar-nominated American Sniper, a film about Kyle’s service in Iraq as a Navy SEAL sniper, brought the trial a large deal of attention.

Routh was sentenced to life in prison in the Texas criminal justice system without possibility of parole. Routh could appeal the verdict.

Routh confessed to shooting Kyle and Littlefield the same day of the incident. Jurors’ main decision was whether he “intentionally and willingly” killed the men, due to his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder.

Kyle served four tours in the Iraq War as a Navy SEAL and became one of the most successful snipers in American military history, reportedly killing more than 160 enemy targets.

After coming home, he volunteered to help veterans who struggled with combat-related anxiety. Routh’s mother, Jodi Routh, approached Kyle and requested his help for her son.

Kyle agreed to help Routh just a week prior to the fatal shooting.

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