The GlimmerGlass wins third at ICPA

By Destiny Mitchell, Executive Editor

“Fun website. Easy to navigate. Lots to choose from on their smorgasbord.” These were three of the given reasons that the GlimmerGlass placed third for best online news site at the Illinois College Press Association [ICPA] on Saturday.

The GlimmerGlass was up against newspaper and magazine staffs from schools such as the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and DePaul University for the award.

The staff also took home Honorable mentions for a sports column and editorial writing in the category for non-daily papers with over 4,000 students.

The sports column, written by Sophomore sports writer Justin Kollar, addressed the offensive use of Indian mascots in professional sports.

Sports Editor Nathan DiCamillo was both excited and proud. “Sports commentary is very important to sports journalism,” he said.  “Not many writers can write a commentary that appeals to both athletes and the everyday reader.”

The winning editorial addressed the need for the paper’s “Honey, We Need to Talk series. Comments from the judges’ panel assessed that “good editorial recognition of the ‘Olivet bubble’ seems to be a valuable start in dispelling some naive expectations new students might bring to a Christian school.”

Junior and Life and Culture Editor, Alexander Ewers was pleased with all of the paper’s recognitions.

“I believe the awards that we won this year show our dedication to providing Olivet with an excellent news source,” Ewers said. “These awards reaffirm our mission of producing the best possible content with the student body in mind.”

ICPA is an annual two-day conference held by a board of Illinois press personnel.  Student journalists attend sessions led by Chicago area journalists. The conference concluded with a luncheon where publications received awards under multiple categories of excellence, including photos, advertisements, stories and layout design.

Having attended the conference for two years in a row, Ewers was able to branch out and participate in his seminars. “I chose to attend four different sessions: political and government reporting; non-journalism jobs for journalists; religion reporting; and digital multimedia reporting,”Ewers said.

DiCamillo learned how to increase readership and financial stability in a college newspaper.  Layout editor Grace King received tips on design, editorial writing, and taking advantage of digital media.


  1. Considering the website never changed prior to last year’s website update, props should be given to the online editor from last year (hence the whole last year emphasis). It’s unethical and unchristian-like to take credit for something a staff only can take credit for maintaining and following directions from last year’s staff.
    Also, Dr. Swanepoel would be very upset with this story … it’s [name] said, not said [name]. Journalism 101 GlimmerGlass staff. Good effort though.

    1. The award was presented to the staff. No specific names were listed on the certificate. When submitting to ICPA, the staff submits work from the Spring Semester of the former academic school year as well as the Fall Semester of the current year. That means nearly half of the content up for judging will be content produced from a staff that, by this time, may have graduated or transferred.
      We understand that this accolade is mostly due to work by Jake Neuman, just as the editorial that received an honorable mention was due to the work of acting Executive Editor, Destiny Mitchell. That award, too, was presented to the Staff and so her name was not mentioned specifically.
      You mentioned a Christ-like attitude. I find that christians should value community rather than self-importance. It would have seemed petty to try to divorce the Online Editor and the Executive Editor from the staff, when the certificates literally read “Staff.”

      Also, Dr. Swanepoel surely has more important things to worry about other than whether or not there was a simple error made in an article (several of which have been made in issues past. It happens).
      My question is, do you?

  2. Congratulations GlimmerGlass Staff – GREAT Job! There are always people that will ATTEMPT to diminish the accomplishments of others. Don’t take it personally; they’re simply being true to who they are (at a point in time). Also, negativity inherently provides the opportunity for positivity. In this case it provided the opportunity to educate others on how the ICPA process works. Keep up the good work GlimmerGlass “Staff” (go on and grow on).

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