Betty White: “America’s Sweetheart” 93 years and counting

By Lauren Stancle, Staff Writer


Betty White may be 93 years old, but her stage presence and talents are apparently timeless.

Born in Oak Park, Illinois, the widely loved and appreciated actress’ birthday was Jan. 17 and she was honored with a special flash mob by the entire show cast and crew of “Hot in Cleveland”, a TV show that White stars in, according to

TV Land wrote, “Every day on set, Betty is greeted by her assistant with a hula – today’s hula dance was a very special surprise in honor of her 93rd birthday!”

As the cast breaks out in dance, White looks on joyfully with surprise and claps along to the performance. At the end everyone wishes her a happy birthday. White exclaims, “At 93 you shouldn’t be doing this!”

“She has those gifts that will keep her in the spotlight forever.”

Betty White is many things: she’s an actress, TV star, comedian, talk show host, producer, author, animal rights activist… The list goes on and on, and so does her career.

In 1951, just two years after her first TV job in 1949, White got an Emmy nomination for best actress, according to She won her first Emmy award in 1975 for Outstanding Continuing Performance by a Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series, according to

Her most recent award is winner of the 2015 People’s Choice Awards—Favorite TV Icon. She was named an honorary forest ranger in 2010, has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and has earned a spot in the Television Hall of Fame in ’95, according to According to, White won the Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award in 2009.

Actress Lee Meriwether, who is very fond of White, said in an interview for, “Betty could get away with murder, because everyone loved her”.

According to, Betty White was introduced to the generations after her through a Snickers Super Bowl commercial in 2010. She gained a bigger fan base of younger generations who pushed for her to host Saturday Night Live, and she became the oldest host on the show that year at 88, according to, additionally winning a Grammy for her appearance.

White also starred in the TV show “Golden Girls” in 1992, and was both a guest star and in reoccurring roles in several other shows and movies such as “Password” (where she met her third husband, Allen Ludden, in 1961), according to, “The John Larroquette Show”, “Boston Legal”, “The Bold and the Beautiful”, and “The Proposal”, according to The prank show, “Betty White’s Off Their Rockers,” is hosted by none other than Betty White herself. calls Betty White “Hollywood’s golden girl” and “America’s Sweetheart”.

Lee said of White, “She has those gifts that will keep her in the spotlight forever.”

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