Your WORST dating nightmare

By Allison Steele, Staff Writer

Imagine a bad situation. Now imagine that while on a date. Then multiply that by 10 and that is the worst date in the history of dating. Bad dates are worse than someone else eating all the brownies or getting kicked in the shin by a little kid.

What everyone would like to believe is that this is just an exaggeration; they do not really happen a lot. The reality is that they do exist and they happen more than they should. Dating is supposed to be enjoyable, but some people have endured those dating nightmares.

The “best” date ever is definitely sitting in the car listening to the boyfriend rap like the guy who won the Strangest Guy Ever award. It’s supposed to be date out at a nice restaurant, but now it is date night in the car. Instead of good music, it is gangster rap and the strangest guy ever is trying to rap and look cool. In reality, he looks even dumber. A girl’s dream come true… Except not.

Bad dates are worse than someone else eating all the brownies or getting kicked in the shin by a little kid.

It is the first date out at Aurelio’s Pizza with the prettiest girl you know in the 8th grade. It is a double date with your best friend and the two couples are sitting next to each other in the booth. The girl reaches over to grab something, but instead spills a full glass of pop right into her date’s lap. It ruined his mood, and he went home with dried pop covering him. Definitely a date you shower after.

It’s a happy birthday at Olive Garden. She even bought the man a gift. It was a dog tag necklace, so that’s a pretty cool gift for a guy, at least she thought. He hated the gift and refused it to take it. She picked up the check and everything. Wait, it gets worse: they are driving home when his car breaks down and they are stranded outside on a cold, snowy night for two hours. Anyone would remember this date.

He plans the perfect date for his girl. He drives over to his friend’s house before the date, only he does not make it there. His car starts making strange sounds and does not respond as it normally does. He can tell something is wrong, and he is right: his engine ended up dying before he even got to his friend’s house, which meant no date for him.

This date would not be forgettable, no matter how hard you tried to forget. It is movie night. The couple went to the theatre after they both knew he was not feeling well. She tried to convince him to stay home, but he said he was fine, so they went. The movie starts and the popcorn is dissapperaing. She is about to get some more popcorn, but luckily she hesitates while he leans over and hurls in the popcorn bucket. This date scared the poor girl for life.

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