Anti-feminist movement opposes gender equality

By Taylor Provost, Assistant News Editor

Within the recent months, a movement dubbed “Meninism” has arisen on Twitter. The movement is a backlash to the feminist movement, which promotes gender equality for women.

Originally meaning men who support feminism, meninism has been reclaimed to identify men who stand against feminism. While many use the trending hashtags #MeninistTwitter, #YesAllMen, #Meninism and #Menimism ironically to mock the movement, many users are serious and insist that women have the societal upper hand.

Tweets advocating meninism include, “Why can’t she open the door for me?” and “How about you girls make a guy’s day for once? We enjoy cheap gifts too.”

The conversation has expanded from Twitter. is a popular Tumblr blog that advocates the meninist movement. The blog’s bio says “The best of the Meninist Movement because Tumblr needs a blog like this, not just Twitter.”

However, not all men are anti-feminism.

Kankakee native and Clifton resident Noah Paraday, 17, identifies as a feminist.

Paraday first heard of the feminist movement in middle school history classes, but “didn’t accept, look into, or identify with it until a few years ago while reading up on it through Tumblr.” Paraday says that after researching the movement, he “loves feminism in its entirety.”

“I love the goals intertwined and related to [feminism],” he said. “I love the amount of drive it puts in people, and I love how much it causes people to look at double standards. I love how it brings up all these obvious sex-related issues that happen so often and commonly that people overlook them.”

Paraday also pointed out that while feminism is for all genders, many men feel the need to separate themselves from the movement.

“I feel guys who identify as ‘meninists’ feel as if they’re initially supporting double standards upon guys that are also overlooked, or they don’t understand feminism or understand its purposes and goals,” he said. Paraday said some men may feel as if accepting feminism means jeopardizing their masculinity.

“While I understand the outlook on bringing up double standards put upon guys, the meninist movement has recently become nothing but ‘slut-shaming,’ slandering of women, and ridiculously unrealistic double standards towards women, most notably through Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr,” he said. “I don’t think I could take a person who identifies as a ‘meninist’ seriously, and I wouldn’t want to befriend, or associate with said person.”

Self-proclaimed local meninists on Twitter @Kentknorr and @Cousinjake were contacted for quotes but declined to comment.

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