Olivet garden: student cooking trends

By Stacy Knoderer, Staff Writer

For those who live in the apartments, one of the benefits is having a kitchen to cook in. A kitchen provides students with a wide variety of options and does not simply limit them to Ludwig dining hall. Many students enjoy cooking and eating in their apartments; however, some students find Ludwig to be more convenient.

Madison Davis, a sophomore elementary education major, tries to cook in her apartment as often as possible, as she enjoys making sweet treats.

“I prefer cooking in my apartment but do not always have the time I would like to do so! I eat in Ludwig more often because it is more convenient. When I do cook in my apartment, I love to bake. I usually end up cooking in my apartment about once a week,” Davis said.

Erin Florence, senior elementary education major, does not cook in her apartment as often, eating at Ludwig more frequently. However, going out to eat triumphs over both Ludwig and cooking.

“I do not cook in my apartment very often, but I tend to go out over going to Ludwig. Praise the Lord for restaurants that accept Tiger Dollars. I probably make about four to five meals a week,” Florence said.

Tom Curulewski, senior political science major, tends to cook more than go to Ludwig.

“I would have to say this year I cook more meals in my apartment. I don’t think Ludwig is bad, I just think it gets old fast. If I cook in my apartment, I go for the traditional mac and cheese, spaghetti, burgers with my George Foreman grill and frozen pizzas. On average I cook three out of the five days each week,” Curulewski said.

Aaron Hemgesberg, a senior mass communication, psychology and Christian education triple-major, makes almost all of his meals in his apartment.

“I usually throw something together in the morning for a lunch and a mid-afternoon snack. Dinners are the only meal I really cook for. If I am eating with my roommates, we’ll usually do something a little more Pinterest-y – pasta, make-your-own quesadillas or something with chicken. I eat about five dinners a week at my apartment. Only one usually ends up being a “big” cooking project though,” Hemgesberg said.

While many said that they cook in their apartment more often, Christina Garza, a junior social work major, said that she eats more in Ludwig, only cooking about two to three meals per week.

Elizabeth Jonson, a sophomore early childhood education major, also shared that she does not cook as often either, but more due to a busy schedule.

“I go to Nesbit the most because this semester I have been so busy. I would prefer to eat in my apartment but end up going to Ludwig because I have to with a meal plan,” Johnson said.

So, while many students enjoy eating in their apartments and cooking food, there are quite a few who prefer eating in Ludwig out of convenience.

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