Falling leaves and temperatures: TV shows around the turn of hte seasons

By Jessica Ellison, Chief Copy Editor

Autumn is a generous season: it promises cool-weather fashion, apple- and pumpkin-flavored treats and nature’s prettiest color scheme.

Arguably one of the best gifts this time of year offers is the onset of fall television shows. College students await their favorite shows’ new seasons like they await Christmas break, and the Fall 2014 TV season is no exception. Olivet’s students are already talking about the shows they love this fall.

“’Once Upon A Time’ is the best. By far,” junior Jake Hileman said.

“I really, really love ‘Scandal’!” junior Sydney Tyler commented.

“’Parenthood’ is where it’s at,” sophomore Hannah Gorecki added.

Others mentioned “American Horror Story,” “Grimm” and “The Vampire Diaries.”

Students speak highly of a variety of fall TV shows ranging from political dramas to contemporary fairy tales. “Once Upon A Time,” “The Walking Dead,” “Modern Family” and “New Girl” top the list for many of our peers. The number one choice? “Once Upon A Time,” which features its anticipated third season this fall.

“The character development is relatable and intriguing,” junior Taylor Logan said of the series. “I also appreciate how every episode leaves you at the edge of your seat!”

“Once Upon A Time” is a fairy tale drama that originally premiered on ABC in 2011. Now it is also available on Netflix. The network described the show as a “merge of reality and myth” filled with “magic, monsters and all the characters we know from storybooks growing up.” But the stories we thought ended with “happily-ever-after” are actually continued in the show: good and evil continue to fight as new plot twists emerge.

“Ultimately, it’s a story of hope. That’s what makes it great,” entertainment writer Michael Rohrer told The Huffington Post.

The top fall TV shows for the 2014-2015 season according to rollingstone.com’s Fall TV Preview 2014 differ from what Olivet students ranked highest. The preview listed newcomer “Gotham,” which serves as a Batman prequel with a “future-noir” atmosphere and details of Bruce Wayne’s early life, as “easily the fall’s most impressive network debut.” Following “Gotham,” rollingstone.com listed Fox network’s “Gracepoint” and CBS’s “Madam Secretary” as the best television series this fall.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) listed “The Flash,” a series that attempts to bring the beloved superhero to primetime, and “Transparent,” a show exploring sex and identity through a family comedy/drama, as the top fall debuts. “The 100,” “New Girl,” “Arrow,” “Parenthood” and “Bob’s Burgers” are noted as returning shows “worth watching” this season, according to the database.

But it really all comes down to personal preference. So curl up with a blanket, some fall food and a remote, and check out the TV Guide Fall Schedule at tvguide.com for a comprehensive list of shows to watch this season.

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