Technology: survival of the fittest

By Jorge Felix

Staff Writer

When it comes to electronics we always tend to want the best . Many people have the idea that what is most popular on the market is what is best.

Everyone has heard of the typical fight between Macintosh and Windows and deciding who offers the better devices. Because apple products are championed in social media, the first thing many people choose to believe is that a Mac product is better than a Windows product.

Although both have their own unique differences, the question is; does it matter? To answer the question, we need to dig a little deeper.

We can’t just claim that one machine is better than the other without proof, much like comparing the stamina of two athletes. You can’t decide which person has more stamina based on rumors or reputation. Seeing is believing.

Let’s compare the latest 2014 MacBook Pro with the Gigabyte P15Fv2-CF2, a windows device with features comparative to the Macbook Pro. By doing this we can find out which one is best by specifications instead of popularity.

When the average Joe wants to purchase a machine, their final decision is typically based upon reputation. What needs to be realized is that these are marketing strategies that companies use in order to sell their products, You might not be getting the best bang for your buck.

In years past, PCs dominated the budget-friendly market, with Macs ranging anywhere from $100 to $500 more than a comparable PC.

Many people have the idea that what is most popular on the market is what is best.

Albeit expensive, Macs are still thought to be better computers. Yet, there are products with the same capabilities, if not better, for a lower price. The highest end MacBook Pro is set at a cost of $2499.00 but the most similar Windows PC, the Gigabyte P15Fv2-CF2, is set at the cost of $1234.99.

Lets just keep in mind that the Windows PC has more to offer with the exception being the SSD. However, you are easily able to purchase one for the price of $223.72 which would bring the totals up to $1458.71. Note that it is still far cheaper than the Mac.

The Windows PC at this state is a way better deal than the Mac, the reason being is the graphics, which may come in handy for gaming purposes.

Now you may be asking yourself , so what I am paying for at this point if I choose to purchase a Mac? You are essientially paying for two things: 1.04 pounds difference and the brand name.

Undergraduate (YEAR) Computer Engineer Emanuel ( Last name) says that “Macs [are thought to be better computers] since they are more expensive and look more attractive than a traditional windows computer — even though a windows computer may be the exact same thing on the inside.”

As a Computer Science Major, I strongly agree with his response, though I am not picking sides. At the end I would say go with what is most comfortable to you and be aware of what you are paying for. But most importantly when choosing an OS (Windows or Mac) go in with an open mind and don’t make decision based on what society says. Make it your own decision; it is your Personal Computer after all.

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