Last Ebola patient in U.S. hospital healthy and ready to leave

NEW YORK CITY — A New York City doctor diagnosed with Ebola received permission to leave the hospital on Tuesday free of the virus, The Wall Street Journal reports.

The patient, Craig Spencer, 33, was diagnosed on Oct. 23 and has been receiving treatment at New York’s Bellevue Hospital Center since. He is a volunteer with the humanitarian group Doctors Without Borders and treated Ebola patients in Guinea before returning to the U.S. on Oct. 17. He now poses no health risks, according to officials.

Dr. Spencer is the last Ebola patient in a US hospital. He is set to be discharged less than three weeks after he was hospitalized with a fever of 100.3 degrees.

The federal government has tightened restrictions on returning health workers, but stopped short of mandatory quarantines, arguing that forcing the healthy to remain confined would discourage aid workers from working in West Africa where their help is needed.

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