A right hook to the Democrats

By Megan Lingle, Copy Editor

Earlier this month, Illinois went to the polls to vote for representatives to fill the House of Representatives, Senate and the Governor positions for the 2014 term.

Republicans wrestled control from the Democrats by winning the majority in both the House and the Senate for the state of Illinois. Another flip also occurred in the governor’s race.

In a majority vote of 50.8%, Bruce Rauner (Republican) was elected governor of Illinois for next term. Pat Quinn (Democrat) followed close behind with 45.9%, and Chad Grimm (Libertarian) came in last with 3.4% votes.

The new governor for Illinois, Bruce Rauner, was born and raised in Illinois. Rauner graduated with honors from Dartmouth College despite also working a job, and proceeded to earn his master of business administration (MBA) from Harvard, according to brucerauner.com.

Rauner is a partner at Golder, Thoma, Cressey, Rauner (GTCR), an investment company where he became a very successful businessman. Democratic rival, Quinn, made allegations that Rauner’s success in GTCR was excessive, but Rauner makes no apologies for his success.

According to a statement on brucerauner.com,“[Rauner] is a self-made businessman who had no inheritance or family wealth. He is proud to show people how he has reinvested much of that success into the state [Illinois] he loves.”

Unlike career politicians, says brucerauner.com, Rauner is driven by his love for Illinois.

Among the issues Rauner wants to address are: making job creation priority and lowering the general cost of doing business; accountability for government spending; improved tax climate specifically for the Illinois middle class; reformation of the pension plan; pushing for government reform of term limits; and improved education for Illinois.

Rauner will be aided by favorable results in Congress: Election results for both the Senate and the House in Illinois resulted in a change from a Democratic supermajority to a high percentage of Republicans. For the first time in many years, only a few Illinois counties had a higher Democratic vote all-around.

If the Republicans gain 246 seats in the House—not all results are in at the time of this writing—the result will be the highest number of Republicans serving in the House since 1928, according to an interview on NBC News reported by Erin McClam. As of now, (Nov. 7, 2014) the new House elective results are: 243 Republicans and 181 Democrats.

The change in those Republicans elected for this term does not only reflect in Illinois, but is consistent throughout the entire United States.

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