Food Review: La Siesta

By Haley Peterson

Food Critic


I have a confession to make– I had a fiesta at La Siesta restaurant.

Get it? Okay, sorry. There are a lot of Mexican restaurants around town, and this may be one of the closest; located across Big Lots and diagonal from Perry Farms. As one does with any restaurant– I walked inside. There was an arcade and a bar poorly placed right at the entrance of the restaurant with seating on either side, not the best impression they could have made.

Once we were seated the waiter gave us water, chips and salsa. The chips were amazing and the salsa was moderately spicy. We ordered lunch (which for the restaurant is any time between 11 and three) and were given a second cup of water right away. So if you or a loved one is all about that two-huge-cups-of-water life, hit this place up. The place had a lot of decorations, all leaning more on the tacky side of the decoration spectrum.

After a minimal wait we were served our food. I ordered a chicken burrito and it was delicious. The chicken wasn’t dry like I have experienced from other places and it was a rather decent size. It had a great sauce, and the beans and rice on the side were equally amazing.

I have a confession to make– I had a fiesta at La Siesta restaurant.

The price of this meal was $5.99. Not too shabby for the food I received. However, if I had gone at dinnertime it would have been $9.00 instead. That’s pushing it a little bit for me.

My friend ordered a medium side of guacamole that came with chopped tomato and onion on top. Expectations were high for this guacamole guys, very high. Unfortunately, La Siesta didn’t come through.

It wasn’t that it tasted bad– it just didn’t taste good. You feel me? There wasn’t a lot of flavor in that guacamole and that was a sad day. It was an even sadder day when we got our check back and found out that we purchased mediocre guacamole for $5.75.

So, what is my recommendation for all you lovely people of Olivet? Overall, I only recommend La Siesta to all of you who have a real bad hankering for Mexican food. In which case go during lunch, not dinner. It was probably $6.00 worthy, just not $9.00 worthy. Otherwise there are other places you could spend your food money. So go! Grab your amigos and consider La Siesta as the location for the night’s Fiesta.


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