Grammy winner pulls out the stops for ONU

By Grace King

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BWSandi PattySandi Patty is performing at Olivet Nazarene University this Sat., Nov. 1 in Centennial Chapel as part of the homecoming celebration.

Patty is the winner of five Grammy awards, four Billboard Music Awards, three platinum records, five gold records, and 40 Dove Awards. She was inducted into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2004 and has released over 30 albums. But Patty’s success is more than the titles she has won, and for that, she has no one to thank other than God.

Patty’s world debut was in 1986, when she sang The Star Spangled Banner during the rededication of the Statue of Liberty. Previously, she had sung at her home church in Oklahoma City, where her father was the music minister and her mother was the pianist.

After singing the National Anthem, the gospel singer became a celebrity overnight, and was featured on shows like The Tonight Show and even invited to the home of then- vice president George Bush, according to her 1986 interview on The Tonight Show.

In the midst of all her fame, Patty had a “fall from grace,” described news anchor Amanda Taylor from News 9 in a recent interview.

After a divorce, rumors surfaced about her having an affair. Those rumors were true. Christian book stores pulled her albums from the shelves; churches cancelled their concerts. Patty disappeared from the gospel music scene.

It wasn’t until Patty visited a new church, unrecognized, that she was able to begin the healing and restoring process.

“At the end of the service, the pastor said, ‘If you have been visiting with us here today we are so glad that you have come, but if you just want to sit on the back row and cry, we want you to do it; that this is a place of healing for you.’ And that really began a wonderful journey through grace and forgiveness for me,” Patty said to The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN).

Patty knows from experience that God is the God of second chance. She has felt God’s grace, mercy, and unconditional love, according to CCM Magazine.

“My life story would be this: life is tough, people make mistakes, but God is good,” Patty said on News 9. “I feel like if my story can encourage somebody else, can help somebody else know, first of all, they’re not alone and that there’s hope on the other side of it, then for me, it’s worth telling the story,” she said.

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