Welcome, freshmen class council

Freshman Council (Rachel Grimmett)-Bekah Colbert

Rachel Grimmett

Major: Business Administration (for Event Planning)

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Position in ASC: Freshman Class President

Why she joined ASC: Rachel lead numerous clubs and events in high school, a major reason she decided to go into Event Planning. She feels like God has given her many talents and abilities and she is excited to use them for her class.

Random Fact: No favorite color. It changes everyday.



Freshman Council (JP Bopp)-Bekah ColbertJP Boop

Major: Youth Ministry

Hometown: Alpharetta, Georgia

Position in ASC: Freshman Chaplain

Why he joined ASC: JP went to the ASC table at the block party to get a Starburst. The person working the table said he had to listen to what she had to say about ASC before he could get one. So, he listened. He felt like God wanted him to pursue ASCand decided to run for Chaplain.

Random Fact: He can talk in pretty much any accent.

Freshman Council (Erin Meyers)-Bekah ColbertErin Meyers

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Plymouth, Michigan

Position in ASC: Class Representative

Why she joined ASC: Erin joined ASC because she felt like God was calling her to. She thinks that God gave her the gift of friendliness, so that is how she wants to represent the students in the Freshmen class.

Random Fact: She was raised in 5 different states: Indiana, Alabama, Minnesota, Michigan, Tennessee, and then Michigan again.

Freshman Council (Sarah Ritter)-Bekah Colbert

Sarah Ritter

Major: Currently Undeclared, but looking into business

Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina

Position in ASC: Class Representative

Why she joined ASC: Sarah loves servant leadership and was looking for ways to get inolved and serve her class while also growing alongside them

Random Fact: She has four sisters and three brothers

Freshman Council (Lydia Puentes)-Bekah Colbert

Lydia Puentes

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Washington, Il.

Position in ASC: Class Representative

Why she joined ASC: Lydia joined ASC because she loves to serve her school and be a part of its development and social events.

Random Fact: she is campus rep for an organization called 31 Bits


Freshman Council (Micah Forshee)-Bekah Colbert

Micah Forshee

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Hometown: Flint Michigan

Position in ASC: Class representative

Why he joined ASC: Joined ASC because he loved participating in student government in high school and helping out his class.

Random Fact: He really loves to travel.

Freshman Council (Jessica Grimmett)-Bekah Colbert

Jessica Grimmet

Major: Non-Profit Management

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri

Position in ASC: Class Representative

Why she Joined ASC: She wants to lead and use the abilities God has given her to make this year memorable and worthwhile.

Random Fact: After watching a movie one or two times she can usually quote the major lines in it from beginning to end.

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