Let’s go clubbing

By Emily Lohr

This year, Olivet’s Associated Student Council is offering three new clubs: Craft Club, Outdoor Adventure Club, and Athletic Training Club. These additions bring the total number of campus-wide clubs to 37.

But with undergraduate enrollment growing each year, there’s always room for more.

Vice President of Student Relations Candace Baird said that there have already been several new students in her office interested in starting new clubs.

When evaluating potential club ideas, Baird said the ASC committee looks at three specific criteria to help them determine its viability: sustainability, originality and the potential for community outreach.

Starting a club is an involved process, but it can be completed in a semester’s time. Junior Asha Reynolds, founder of the new crafting club Craft Connections, explained the process as one made up of mainly paperwork.

Reynolds was required to write a club mission statement and constitution as well as a mock calendar of meetings and events.

The materials were then sent to the ASC committee for review and approval. Finally, a petition gauging student interest was filled with signatures and a faculty advisor was found.

Reynolds is excited for the first meeting of Craft Connections. She hopes the club will provide a fun, relaxing atmosphere for like-minded crafters to gather together and create. In retrospect, she wishes someone had better prepared her for the commitment required to start a club.

“Not saying I wouldn’t have founded craft club had I known, but I would have been more cautious had I known how much time this would take up,” she said.

Tabletop Gaming Club founder Glenn Hinckley encourages students interested in forming a club to go ahead and try.

“I think we could us more [clubs], if people would put time and effort into it,” said Hardy Carroll, current Tabletop Gaming Club president. “It’s easier than it sounds, so long as you’re completely open with ASC and talk to them on a regular basis. It shouldn’t be that hard to start a club.” Hinckley said.

“Just talking to the right people made the process incredibly easy, and the ASC can point you to who those people are.”

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