Save money: wear other people’s clothes

By Taylor Provost, Staff Writer

It is unfortunate that the extent of knowledge many people have of thrift shops barely extends past knowing the words to a popular Macklemore song. Let’s be honest – Macklemore most likely does not “pop tags,” and he has more than “$20 in his pocket”  – something that cannot be said for most college students.

Thrift shopping provides students the opportunity to go back-to-school shopping, weekend shopping and whenever-you-feel-like-it shopping because, if you are at the right shops, each visit can easily cost under five dollars. If you are not familiar with thrift stores, five dollars can equal multiple bags worth of goodies.

Resale shops are an entirely different ballgame, however. Many people lump thrift shops and resale shops into the same category, but there is a distinct difference. Both spare our wallets from retail price, but clothing and trinkets at resale shops are typically twice the price that thrift shops offer. This is because resale shops care about the quality of their donations, which are not technically donations, as the “donors” typically earn store credit for their clothing and other items they bring in to resell.

It is typical for resale shops to also be particular about which brand names they will accept and resell. If you have a lot of quality brand name clothing that you no longer want, resale shops are the ideal place to take them since you can earn money back.

However, as far as shopping for new-old clothes, thrift shops are the cheapest option. Thrift shops can often sell quality brand name clothing, as well. The difference is this: resale shops sell guaranteed-quality clothing; thrift shops sell quality clothing alongside not-so-quality clothing, and it takes a little bit more time spent searching for the “good stuff.”

“I think thrift stores and resale shops are really awesome places to go for basically anything you could possibly want,” sophomore Maggie Risher said. “I frequently buy books, random trinkets, mugs, and old magazines from thrift stores, as well as clothes.”

Less familiar with local thrift shops, Risher named a few in the Joliet, Ill. area, about 45 minutes from campus, including Unique, Goodwill, Morning Star and Mission’s Treasure Chest.

“One thing I learned from my sisters is that when thrifting you shouldn’t be afraid to explore the racks outside of your age or gender,” she said. “I’ve found so many comfortable t-shirts in the young boy’s section of thrift stores. Also, used clothes tend to be more comfortable than new clothes because they’ve already been broken in.”

Local resale shops include Sequels, located directly across from Olivet’s campus on Main Street, and Embrace located on the Meadowview Theater strip in Kankakee. Local thrift shops include Salvation Army in Kankakee, Granny’s Attic in Kankakee, and St. Vincent De Paul, which sells all clothing at half price on Mondays, located in Bradley down the strip from Big Lots.

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