Jorts: a style and a way of life

By JT Cummings, Staff Writer

Fashion icon Tom Ford said, “Shorts should only be worn on the tennis court or at the beach.” But it’s the end of summer and surprisingly warm, and we want to be comfortable! We want to feel that summer breeze.

Unlike Tom Ford, I would argue that summer shorts are a must, especially one of my favorites: jorts.

The term “jorts” comes from the combination of the words “jeans” and “shorts.” Jorts are made by cutting jeans at the knee, causing Tom Ford to die a little every time he sees a man sporting a pair.

Most people have experienced the feeling of utter infatuation and bliss that comes from discovering the perfect pair of jeans—  the pair that are perfectly fitting, worn in and reliable. When this pair of jeans is too faded to function, it can be devastating for one’s wardrobe. Fortunately, with a couple of snips, your favorite pair of jeans can become a man’s summer essential.

Whether they are old, new, stonewashed or distressed, everybody loves a good pair of jorts, right?  “I like the fact that jorts pretty much go with anything (just like jeans), but they are not as long,” junior Shiloh Koyl said. “I used to wear cut off jeans as a kid. My mom used to chop off my jeans when they got holes in the knees… it’s kinda  what you did with old jeans.”

Like all things in fashion, jorts are making their way back in style. Celebrities like Zac Efron, Nick Jonas, Pharrell Williams and Shia LaBeouf have been spotted sporting jorts this summer, so why can’t you?, a popular vintage retailer, writes “denim shorts [first] became popular in the late 1960’s when fashion, style and art began to take on a new life of its own. At the turn of the millennium, denim shorts took a hiatus from the fashion scene, but not for long…in 2005 they slowly started to make their way back.”

I also think there is a time and a place for jorts. Although they are amazingly comfy and scream “Freedom!” from the seams, jorts are just not appropriate in all settings; especially anywhere at Olivet before 4:30 p.m.

“Jorts! There is a time and place, the time is always and the place is on your legs,” junior Ryan Lutz, a jorts enthusiast, said. Lutz noted he would opt to wear jorts at all hours.

For a relaxed, beach-ready look, jorts are a good option. When asked her opinion on men’s jorts, junior Emily Swartzwelder simply said, “It depends on how short and how tight they are.”

There seems to be a double standard for jorts in the fashion world. In women’s fashion, they are sexy and chic; but when men wear them, their female counterparts have a different opinion.

“I feel like if you are a landscaper then [jorts] are fine,” junior Brenna Close said. “I think when guys have jean shorts that they cut off, and are scraggly and ‘hangidy-dangidy’, they look kind of gross. So go change your pants and maybe put them through the washer like ten times.”

Contrary to Close, Lutz is all about the jorts life. “You always make your own— an old pair of pants is never out of style, it just morphs into a better style,” he said.

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