Shine.FM lights up Lansing

By Michael Krebill, Staff Writer

Shine.FM is coming to Lansing this fall. The radio station is expanding its ministry once again by adding a new station in the state of Michigan. Shine staff are overjoyed to expand their outreach to a new community.

“As Olivet continues to grow the School of Graduate & Continuing Studies and online learning, Shine.FM also continues to grow,” said Brian Utter, the general manager of

“Lansing was God-orchestrated.,” Utter said. “Yes, Olivet is opening a School of Graduate and Continuing Studies office in Lansing; however, I believe it was God who made a frequency become available for sale, thus allowing Shine.FM to continue expanding our ministry of building stronger families and communities in Lansing.”

Utter emphasized that Shine’s primary focus is the Bourbonnais area. “As God provides opportunities and resources, our desire is to cover the Olivet region with Shine.FM programming, including Brilla.FM and Shine RX3,” he said.

Sophomore Daneli Rabanalez Hernandez, an announcer on Shine’s online Spanish stream, Brilla, had the opportunity to visit Lansing with Shine.

“They want to have an event that is the official launch of Shine Lansing,” she said. “Shine Lansing’s main vision is to focus on the humanity aspect. Shine wants to be play an important role within the greater Lansing community.”

Hernandez also commented on the impact of Shine in the various communities it covers.

“If [listeners] have anything they need to talk about, they can come to us and I think that Shine has done a pretty good job of spreading that message,” she said. “I mean there’s need everywhere but I think Lansing appreciates that there is a need there.”

Overall, Hernandez said Shine wants the station to be a place of trust and hope in the Lansing community.

Shine also hopes to expand the influence of Brilla in the future.

“We actually want to have a frequency for Brilla because the great thing for actually having a station is that it connects people.,” Hernandez said. She added that some Hispanics may be more prone to listen to a Christian station merely because it is in Spanish.

“When you hear your native language, it speaks to you,” Hernandez  said. “I sometimes picture a family in their car and they are flipping through frequencies. And when they find a Spanish channel, they automatically stop [and listen],” she said.


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