Run with all the colors of the wind

By Samuel Cullado, Staff Writer

When asked what she was looking forward to the most about the Color Run, Senior Emma Wright laughed and said, “Walking.”

Olivet’s first-ever Color Run took place on an unseasonably mild day, a hint of the coming autumn chill in the air.  The event was bookended by celebrations in the lawn outside of Weber; Zumba in the beginning, impromptu line-dancing at the end.

The meat of the event, of course, was the run: a 5K trek through campus, on to the track, and back onto campus again.

Intermittently, runners would find checkpoints populated by Residential Life staff who would spray them with colored chalk—either blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, or pink.

Students wore white shirts, bandanas, and sunglasses that would gradually become more colorful as the race continued.  These checkpoints kept runners energized.

“You’re running, and you’re tired,” junior Jacob Mellinger said, “but something about getting to the colors just revitalizes you.”

Matt Smith hosted the event, which ended with everyone tossing their color packets into the air.

“The color was almost like smoke—it was so thick,” Mellinger said.

People began the run in the sequence of how much running they planned to do.  Some, such as Senior Caleb Burkey, ran the whole way, but cheered on those who walked or jogged.

“I started out running,” junior Heather Rossner said. “I always ran when there were color checkpoints.  We’ll just say I ran the whole time.”

Fun was the common thread of everyone’s experience with the run.

“[The Color Run] is all about having fun,” senior Anna Hoekstra said.  “Certainly there’s a fitness element if you want it, but the fun of it is spending time with friends.”

For seniors such as Josh Ewing it was about making the most of their final year.

“It’s my last semester at Olivet,” Ewing said, “and I figured if I was ever going to do a 5k, it would be a Color Run, because it looked like a lot of fun. It was really for the memory.”

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