Olivet swimmers to swim across Lake Michigan Saturday

By J.T. Cummings

Staff Writer

Olivet’s Water 4 Water, partnered with nonprofit Team World Vision will ­swim forty miles from Chicago, Ill. to Michigan City, Ind. starting at 7:20 a.m. Saturday Sept. 13 from Chicago’s North Beach.

If all goes well the team is expected to arrive at 4:00 p.m. the next day.

“They have two boats going with them the whole way. One will be going ahead of them that they will be following, and another one close by that they can get on and off as needed.” Jennifer McClellan, director of missions and student ministries, said. “It is quite the adventure.”

“[The swimmers] are doing a relay. They have it scheduled now to do about forty minutes a piece, but it might change depending on the [weather] conditions” Weather conditions are being carefully monitored by event coordinators.

A relay swim will allow some swimmers to rest while others are swimming. An emergency response team will be near by should an emergency occur.

A dangerous undertow and swells ranging from five to eight feet are predicted to occur during the relay, according to the U.S. Coast Guard

This will make the swim “potentially pretty dangerous,” McClellan said. “Someone needs to text me and tell me how they’re doing, I’m going to be freaking out”

The Spiritual Life Council is taking a bus to meet the team at the finish line. If there is room on the bus, anyone is welcome to attend. McClellan would like to see as many people at the finish line as possible.

If interested, contact Michael Poff for bus arrangements.

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  1. From a small town in South Africa, we applaud the efforts of these young men and women to make a such a tangible difference in the lives in the lives of the poorest of the poor, the downtrodden and the oppressed. We pray Our Lord go before you, strengthen and encourage you and keep you from harm. God speed you all – Carl & Sandy Fischer, Graaff-Reinet, South Africa

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