Women’s soccer preparing for battle

Lindsey Wilson. It’s not just a person’s name, it’s the women soccer team’s toughest rival.

Having lost 5-1 to Lindsey Wilson College (Ky.) in December 2013, according to ONU Marketing, the team, with a new mindset, a strong roster, and two new coaching staff, is geared up to beat the opponent.

“We played scared,” team captain senior Emily Rosenboom said. “We were happy to be there, but we didn’t perform.”

Team captain senior Katie Smith believes that the team is fit, but needs cohesion: needing to work on skills like passing and moving through open space.

Head Coach Bill Bahr is also concerned about team cohesion as several recently healed injuries has cut playing time between upperclassmen and freshman.

“It may affect how synced we are, how we gel together, but it’s been a great experience for our new players because they have gotten more playing time,” Bahr said.

Head coach Bill Bahr believes that the team’s incoming freshman are fit and have talent. Fierce contenders includes Tess Marcordes, Alyssa Snodsmith, and Hannah Audrey—all state champions.

Having only lost two starters from last year, Bahr returning his leading scorers: Liz Wahl, Jessica Higer, Katie Smith, and Betsy Hetrick. Also returning is freshman of the year goalie Sarah Vrosh, who allowed 15 goals and made 93 saves in 22 games played.

Bahr believes that the Tiger’s offensive line is their greatest asset.

“Our forwards are our strongest because our mid-field is a little banged up and our back line is very new,” Bahr said.

Smith believes that the center and forward are the strengths of the team, as they are more experienced.

“The defense is pretty young this year,” Rosenboom, the only defensive upperclassman, said. “We’re doing really well. It’s just a matter of getting that cohesion together.”

Along with a strong team, Bahr now has hired new assistant coaches, Megan Traynor and Brandon Eylander. Both have been head coaches, Traynor of high school and Eylander of club.

“Two new coaching staff. They are bringing a lot of creativity to the team,” Smith said. “It’s very fresh and new, and it’s getting everyone excited.”









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