Renovated Denny’s open again

By Destiny Mitchell, Executive Editor

A campus-favorite study spot is back in business.

After a seven-month hiatus while recovering from a kitchen fire and $100,000 worth of damage that occurred in November 2013, Denny’s reopened its doors at the end of May to excited customers and staff.

“We were getting messages every month of people asking, ‘When are you reopening?” area manager Ken Adams said.
Adams described a huge turnout for the first few weeks of the franchise’s reopening, with all of its old customer base returning, along with a bunch of new faces.

While necessary repairs were being made on the heating unit and roof that were both damaged by the fire, the Denny’s team took the opportunity to update their look.

“It is more modern,” said Adams. “We were getting a lot of comments [previously] about how outdated our look was.”
The Denny’s franchise believes that re-modeling with new furniture, carpet, tile and a new color scheme for the restaurant has helped create a better atmosphere for diners and increased positive morale for staff.

Adams recognizes the support of the community and staff, commenting on the rarity of such loyal workers.

“We had all but two of our employees return and we welcomed about nine new employees,” he said. “When you’re out of business for that long you run a high risk of losing people. It’s great to see them happy to return.”

Adams also received several anecdotes from regular diners of them driving out of their way to the next nearest Denny’s location, just to grub on their favorite foods.

The Olivet community has also been affected by the absence of this popular chain restaurant.

“It made me sad because I couldn’t go there for their $2-cheese quesadillas,” senior Sam Steiber said. “There are really no other places to go late at night just to hang out.”

Steiber added that Denny’s low prices and good food are two of the qualities that make it a better option than other local restaurants.

Unfortunately for some Olivet students, Denny’s is not currently accepting Tiger Dollars as they once did before, but are working diligently with the Olivet staff to get the program reinstated.

The franchise hopes to have the Tiger Dollars system up and running within the next few weeks.

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