Editorial: Mission Statement

The student body newspaper, The GlimmerGlass, combines the efforts of a team of hard working and dedicated students from all over the map and all over the campus.

As our mission statement says, The GlimmerGlass exists to objectively and accurately report on relevant issues in order to provide its readership with an understanding of the Olivet community and the world beyond through an informed Christian perspective.

Now, more than ever, the GlimmerGlass will stress the importance of reflecting the lives, values, and culture of not only the campus but the rich environment of Bradley, Bourbonnais and Kankakee.

Many of these changes will be included in, but not limited to, the new Life & Culture section. Here we will display the lives of Olivet students and those in the surrounding community, as well as emphasize the impact and reach that Olivet has as a student body.

“When you go out of your way to look for the beauty in things, you will find it.”

In the past, the newspaper has lost touch with the world around us. We turned a blind eye to culture – the music, art, literature, film, theatre, and food (unless we’re talking about stress eating) that makes life what it is.

The GlimmerGlass staff is dedicated to transforming the pre-conceptualized idea of ‘boring Bourbonnais.’ When you go out of your way to look for the beauty in things, you will find it.

Consider the GlimmerGlass to be voyeurs of beauty. The staff members are missionaries for truth. We will accurately display not only the culture that is inherently associated with Olivet, but also dig beneath the picture perfect images and reveal the subcultures and the small realities that make this school so multi-faceted.

The students who lock themselves in their rooms on weekends, thinking that their cellular, television, and computer screens are the only way to witness the motions of live on campus will be forced to open their eyes and their minds.

We are committed to showing the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful. We are committed to revealing the terrible and the wonderful. We are committed to revealing you.

The Glimmerglass is your mirror, a page out of the book of your biography, the window that sees out into the world and the light that has no place it fears to venture into – a tireless quest to expose all.

This is your life, your school, your community and your story. Allow the GlimmerGlass to help write it down for you.


Your GlimmerGlass Editors

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