You’re Olivet Project: Terriana Gregory

TG: “My biggest fear is dying. Like I know if you believe you know where you are going. I am more afraid of what will happen.”

“How do you want to die?”

TG: “I want to go in my sleep. I am most afraid that I will die in a car crash or by getting shot.”

“Has anyone you’ve known died like that?”

TG: “Last summer one of my friends began hanging with the wrong crowd. Eventually he ended up in a gang. I tried telling him about Jesus to get him out of it, but you know that some people just don’t want to hear about that stuff. He ended up getting shot in his driveway and died. I felt bad that my friend had died, but I keep thinking to myself, ‘I guess you got what you were asking for.'”

Terriana Gregory, junior.
Terriana Gregory, junior.


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