Nine faculty members say ‘goodbye’ to Olivet

By Emily Lohr

This spring marks not only an end of a semester for students, but an end of an era for several departing faculty members as a total of nine faculty members are leaving this spring.

 Dr. Dennis Crocker, Vice President of Academic Affairs, is in charge of making final hiring decisions in regards to faculty at Olivet, something he calls getting “the right people in the right seats.” When asked if the number of people leaving Olivet this spring was comparable to numbers in the past, he said he did not find the numbers “excessive.” He assures students that despite the number of faculty leaving Olivet, they can expect to see just as many, if not more faculty returning in the spring.

“What we try to do is be careful about creating new positions. There will be a few new positions, I can’t say at this point how many… we try to balance need with the resources we have available before us,” Crocker said. “And it’s a juggling act…we try to be good stewards of God’s resources.”

Although some new faculty members have already been announced, many offers are still pending. Dr. Crocker said a comprehensive list of arriving faculty will be released this summer.


Dr. Gerald Anderson, Professor in the Department of Music

Mary Anderson, Director of Career Services

Dr. Ray Bower, Chair of the Department of Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Stan Tuttle, Professor from the School of Education

Leaving Olivet

Dr. Leo Finkenbinder, Professor from the Department of Biology

Dr. Emily Lamb Normand, Associate Professor in the Department of Communication

Dr. Janna McLean, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Dr. Frank Moore, Professor from the School of Theology and Christian Ministry

Dr. Susan Moore, Professor from the School of Education

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