Congressional report pushes for e-cigarette review

​Electronic cigarettes are being reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration for regulation, AP reports.

According to a Congressional report released Monday, concerns about e-cigarettes such as the flavors of the cigarettes and the marketing that could appeal to young people are driving the push for restrictions and warnings. The report highlights e-cigarettes’ lack of age restrictions and no uniform warning labels.

“I can’t understand why the FDA is taking this long. It is clear that the longer they wait, the more young people will be addicted,” Staff of Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin said​.

An investigation into the practices of nine e-cigarette makers launched by the congressional delegation in September looked at the companies for information on their marketing practices, steps taken to restrict sales to minors, types of warning labels, and claims of health benefits or reduced exposure to potentially harmful substances.

According to Durbin, the agency needs to accept responsibility for their product before standards for sales and marketing can be established.

Read the full story here: Congressional report presses for e-cigarette rules

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