Zumba classes no longer coed

By Emily Rush

There will now be separate men and women’s Zumba classes in the Perry Center to help prevent moments of “promiscuity.”

The student handbook clearly states on page 36, “We hold that all forms of dancing that detract from spiritual growth and break down proper moral inhibitions and reserve should be avoided.”

The University is under the impression that Zumba breaks this rule. After all, it is dancing and sometimes in a very provocative manner.

“I was surprised it ever was allowed to take place,” Junior Abby Jones said. “I have always thought it was slightly inappropriate.”

The issue was first raised when some students came forward about wanting to go to Zumba but feeling awkward when attending because of the presence of the opposite sex.

“I always felt like the male attendees were watching me, and it made me feel uncomfortable,” an anonymous student said.

For now Zumba will take place at the same times, however the Monday and Wednesday classes will be reserved for male students only. Likewise, the Tuesday and Thursday classes will only permit female students to attend.

“Olivet always tries to uphold a good moral conduct and would not want anything like an exercise class to prohibit that goal,” Perry Center Director Mathias Smithsonian said. “While the university wants to be clear that they support students being physically active, they still want to go by the book and avoid detracting students from their walk with God.”

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