Swim team dives in

By Nathan DiCamillo

“I’m not sure why we needed that lazy river. I pretty sure it encourages students to avoid physical activity,” Sport’s Information Director Windy Reed said.

Photo from LaughingSquid.com.
Photo from LaughingSquid.com.

After reviewing a poll by Pew Research Center revealing that whirl pools cannot be used for professional diving, Olivet has decided to replace its whirlpool with a diving pool. ONU Swimmers and Divers are rejoicing.

“Now, I can dive whenever I want too,” sophomore diver Abigail Songer said. ONU divers previously had to travel to a local high school to dive.

Some students, however, are sad to see the whirlpool go.

“A guy could take his girlfriend to the whirl pool or throw a swim party. You could have a whirl of a time,” freshman Brendan Shea said. Shea has spent several hours window sun tanning next to the whirl pool, playing Marco Polo in the pool, and “party rocking” against the current with friends.

The whirl pool was useful to other dry sports, but the swim team is glad to have the new diving pool.

“The whirl pool was good for resistance training, if swimming with resistance buckets doesn’t meet you fancy,” junior swimmer Cat Lugo said.

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