Pets now allowed in campus housing

By Taylor Provost

Effective starting fall 2014, Olivet will be allowing pets less than 12 pounds to live in campus housing. Students will now have the freedom to bring their guinea pigs, bunnies, small cats and dogs to school with them for an additional fee of $500 per semester – included in their room and board payments, if they so choose.

Student-pet cohabitation on campus is expected to bring in hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to Olivet, which appears to be the reason for the new allowance, according to newly hired Campus Animal Physician Amy Neuter, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

“I have two kids in college who each have cats themselves, and I know for a fact that they were dying to take them to school with them last fall,” Neuter said. “No doubt there’s [going to be] a high demand for pets on campus; Olivet’s come up with the perfect plan to make more money.”

A few students who heard the news rumored recently expressed their excitement.

“Oh my goodness, it would be worth every single extra penny paid,” freshman Kat Bawks squealed at the thought of bringing her kitten back to school with her next year. “This totally makes the fact there’s nothing to do in Bourbonnais more bearable. I’ll never be bored if Milo’s at school with me.”

Bawks’ roommate, Shelly Leash, said, “I’m really excited for Kat to get to bring Milo to school next year. I’ve never had a pet, so living with Kat’s kitten will be like having my first pet.”

Senior Matt Blazit was excited to not be returning to Olivet in the fall until he heard about the new pet policy.

“Of course they start allowing pets the moment I graduate,” Blazit said. Blazit has a Chihuahua puppy that he rescued from an animal shelter in his hometown over spring break.

“I wish they’d make the new rule more immediate,” Blazit said. “I could’ve brought my puppy back to my apartment and kept him there until graduation. Now I’m missing all the days that he’s the smallest and cutest.”

Come fall semester, no student will have to share Blazit’s concern; students will no longer have to miss out on the kitten and puppy phases of their pets.

“It’s perfect; I actually specialize in baby animal care,” Neuter said. “I can’t wait for this fall. Olivet apartments and dorms filled with little furry creatures, and Olivet making extra cash – I can’t picture this going wrong.”

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