Ozone overhaul: Program renamed ‘C-Section’

By Jimmy Phillips

In their fourth effort in as many years to make the student section at home athletic events an appreciable group, Olivet’s athletic department has decided once again to change the name of their incentivized student program.

“We will be renaming it from the ‘Ozone’ to the ‘Cheering Section,’ said Windy Reed, Women’s Sports Information Director and coordinator of the Ozone program.

“We are hoping this name change more accurately reflects the purpose of this student section. Before, it was named after an atmospheric gas whose levels have been decreasing. That sent the wrong message. We want the section to be increasing. Because of this, we felt a name change was integral in revamping the program.”

According to Gerry Newman, Director of the Athletic Department, student sections can “make all the difference in a close contest.”

He continued to say, “Our various sports teams are good, but they need all the help they can get. Having a healthy C-Section could really breathe new life into some of our more torpid programs.”

Attending Olivet sporting events can be a little laborious. Sometimes, there are as many fans from the visiting schools as there are from our own. Oftentimes, attendance is worse than a church on Thursday.

A good C-Section could do a lot to boost the adrenalin levels of our players, helping them play better and win, which would be a change of pace for most of our teams (except for swimming and things played by girls).

As of right now, Olivet’s worst performing sport is the one drawing the largest crowd. Newman would like to see that trend inverted. “It’s time the well-played sports

have the biggest C-Section. If you don’t win, you don’t deserve the support of the student body. The Cheering Section program is an incentive for students, but it should also serve as an incentive for athletes as well,” he said.

When asked, many students seemed to be excited about this change. Senior Taylor Westrate said, “If I weren’t graduating, I would definitely be more interested in participating after the name was changed. It’s a cooler name.”

“I’m sure some jokes will be made about the name, but would you rather jokes about giving birth or jokes about a toxic, bad-smelling gas formed by electrical discharge in the atmosphere? Definitely the birth jokes,” added junior Shana Reidlinger, who was similarly thrilled about the program overhaul.

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