Out with the iPads, in with iMacs

By Emily Rush

The Music Department is planning on switching to iMacs for the upcoming year, even though they just required students to purchase iPads this year. Department leaders think carrying an iMac would be more beneficial to the students than an iPad in the long run because they would have a full size keyboard and a bigger screen to read music from.

The iMacs will come equipped with programs such as Finale and Garage Band, something that is not available for the iPads. These programs are very beneficial to music majors, as they aid in composing music, department chair Dr. Don Reddick said.

“The music students have all said that the iPads have been more trouble than they have been useful,” Reddick said. “So we wanted to try to fix that by creating an alternate technology that every music student has to switch to for more efficiency.”

The music department will not be buying the iPads back from their students, as the music department simply does not have the funds to do so.

“As much as we wish we could do a trade-in, it just is not possible. The students will have to keep the iPads.” Reddick said.

For some students this new upgrade is an exciting advancement, while others are not too sure about the switch.

“iMacs are much larger than iPads. I always have trouble reading my music on the small iPad screen. It will be much easier with an iMac,” sophomore Orpheus member, Richard Givens said.

Many of the music students agree with Givens in the fact that the iPads are just too small to read music on, and that a larger screen would be appreciated. Other students are reasonably skeptical of the switch. “I’m not sure how convenient it will be to carry an iMac around,” freshman band and Orpheus member, Karah Lain said.

Despite the skeptics the music department will pursue on with its plan. Music students will be getting more detailed information about how to order their new iMacs by the end of April. Reddick said the cost will be approximately $1,000. This is a deal considering the retail price of an iMac is around $1,500. The cost can be split up between two semesters, or paid all at once depending on the students’ preference.

“The department is very excited to make this switch, and we hope that students get on board with our decision. They either get on board, or we make them get on board.” Reddick said.

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