#onuchapel hashtag now censored by RAs

By Nicole Lafond

“Think before you tweet” has officially been added to the University Handbook.

To be enacted starting in the fall of 2014, students can now be penalized for their tweets. Residential Assistants are now responsible for not only their resident’s real life behavior, but student’s virtual behavior as well.

“We want students to realize there are consequences for the things they post online,” Dean of Residential Life Filipe Stewardess said. “Some #onuchapel tweets have been really hurtful to speakers and chapel coordinators in the past. We are looking to eliminate those kinds of sentiments.”

Many students are outraged by the university’s decision and some have even developed alternative hashtags such as #trollinguchapel and #censoredonu.

“No institution has the right to take away our freedom of speech, especially not our Twitter freedom,” senior Tabitha Bauls said. “I would probably just laugh if I was written up for a tweet.”

Some residential assistants are excited about the new rule.

“Sometimes I see really inappropriate and offensive tweets during chapel and I wish I could do something about it,” junior RA Jessica Brownose said. “Now I can.”

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