ONU track and field gains new member

By Destiny Mitchell

ONU’s track and field team is being invaded by a foreigner with a passion for teamwork.

Abubakarr Chinedu, from Sierra Leone in Africa, will go from  running in the open grasslands of his mother country to running with the Tigers of Olivet by next fall.

“Sports are really important in my homeland,” said Chinedu. “Any activity that will bring people together and allows us to celebrate life is essential to us.”

Though Africa is a quickly developing continent, there are still countries struggling within their borders. Despite being major producers in gold and diamonds and having the third largest natural harbor in the world, over 70 percent of Sierra Leone’s people live in poverty.

Chinedu explained that the nearest source of water was miles away from his home. He and his friends would make the trek more bearable by turning it into a race, with the river’s brown waters marking the finish line.

Chinedu will help Head Track and Field Coach Mike McDowell to get his runners to run again. After runners found out that running was bad for the body,  most of the track team went on strike.

Runners who have not gone on strike have made some hefty demands. Junior runner Brittany Booth, who is demanding her own “go-cart and chauffeur in-between classes,” is encouraging runners to sign a petition demanding that the university give them whatever they need to keep their bodies from breaking down.

“Everything is too convenient here in America,” Chindedu said. “I will help Coach McDowell discipline these spoiled athletes.”

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