New research calls exercise harmful

By Jada Fisher

If you had to choose between running for an hour and making a run to Wal-Mart with friends, make the Wal-Mart run but drive there. There is no reason to run or perform any form of exercise. Exercise is bad for the body, according to a recent study conducted by global wellness professional and specialist David Smith.

Exercising is not only a waste of time, but has several negative effects on the body.

“It puts pressure on your joints, tears down your muscles and gradually weakens the immune system,” Dr. William Chizophraugmn, Kankakee general practitioner, said.

Researchers found that exercise can cause not only physical problems, but emotional woes as well. Chizophraugmn adds that chronic depression, sporadic mood swings, fits of rage and demotivation are linked to consistent exercise, especially in young adults. As a result, Olivet will soon prohibit all on-campus exercise activity.

Due to the exercise activity in Wellness Fitness Lab, that course will not be required for students, according to Professor Aaron Thompson.

Sophomore Charity Shonamon is in favor of the change.

“I’ve seen the negative effects exercise has had on friends, so I’m glad it’s something that people won’t have to subject themselves to anymore,” she said.

The Perry Center will soon make many changes. The field house will be renovated into a food court, which will include Burger King, Chick-fil-A, Connie’s Pizza, Gloria Jeans, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and Panda Express.

“I’m pumped for this food court, I hope they accept Tiger dollars,” junior Stephen Carmichael said.

Students won’t be able to swim in the pool either. Only standing, floating and walking will be permitted. All stairs will be demolished and replaced with elevators. The rock wall will also be deconstructed and replaced with 150-foot palm trees and artificial sand.

The popular fitness classes like Spinning, Zumba and Step Aerobics will also be cut. There will be relaxation and leisure based groups like, Nazarene Nappers, Instagram/Snapchat Club and #TeamLazy which may or may not ever meet.

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