New organization offers support for workaholics

Oasis secretly stands for Olivetians Against Sustaining In Slumber; ASC and administration stumped

By Meg Dowell

Wake up! No, seriously, wake up. You have to hear this. What? You’ve already heard? You spend way too much time on Twitter. #getalife

Rumors around campus hint at a new student organization on the horizon. (Ssshh – don’t tell Dr. Bowling.) Whispers tell us OASIS – Olivetians Against Sustaining In Slumber – has ASC and administration stumped, raising the question of whether college students really need as much sleep as experts claim.

“It wouldn’t be college without sleep deprivation and venti lattes,” said OASIS founder and junior Alexia Hamilton. “I get anywhere between two and four hours a night and I’m fine. I get more done before six a.m. than most people accomplish in a whole day.”

An anonymous survey given out by ONU Health Services gives almost solid evidence that students on campus who get fewer hours of sleep than recommended are more likely to master time management skills, learn at least one new foreign language, and graduate with honors.

“We [OASIS] strive to promote academic excellence, ethical decision-making, and insomnia,” Hamilton said.

“Our mission is to form a group of people who understand you don’t need sleep to be successful. God didn’t put us here to sleep our lives away.”

While healthcare professionals recommend young adults get between six and eight hours of sleep nightly, OASIS seeks to prove anywhere between zero and three hours of sleep per night is not only enough to meet the demands of higher education, but also worth the sacrifice.

“I’m a quadruple major,” senior Lance Henders told the GlimmerGlass. “I’m involved in athletics and now I’m part of this new club called OASIS. It’s made up of people like me who get that there just isn’t time to sleep. And then there’s the whole God thing. We need time to spend with Him too. I don’t know about you, but I can’t pray in my sleep. I’m not superman.”

If you’re a night owl,or just an insomniac, there may finally be a student-led support group just for you and your anti-slumbering needs.

“Anyone can join,” Hamilton said. “All you have to do is sign a waiver promising you won’t report us to Student Development if you suffer physiological or psychological complications from chronic sleep deprivation, and you’re all set.”

OASIS meetings are held at 2 a.m. every Wednesday in the basement of Weber and are free of charge.

All members must bring their own coffee, black tea, or energy drinks for permission to attend.

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