Matchmakers hired

By Emily Lohr

Student Development has hired a matchmaker. The move comes just after a decision to reinstate married couples housing in Bresee, Grand 415 and 435.

Student Development says this is all part of their new push to encourage men and women on campus to engage in married life.

“So often, pursuing an education and a career can seem incompatible with pursuing a spouse,” recently hired Dean of Marriage Dr. Demetri Eros said. “We are simply trying to show our students that isn’t the case.”

So far, only one matchmaker has been hired, but depending on the success of the program and student interest, Student Development foresees having as many as 5 designated matchmakers on the payroll.

Emma Woodhouse, a recent graduate of Verona University with a degree in Couples Studies, is the first to take on this auspicious mantle.

“I’m so excited to begin working with the Olivet students,” Woodhouse said. She describes herself as a jack-of-all-trades. “As a matchmaker, or Duologist, I will be in charge of profiling, matching, and introducing potential couples. I also serve as a couples’ counselor during courting and even a potential wedding consultant when the time comes.”

When asked if she was worried about overcoming potential negative stigmas associated with matchmaking, she said she was not too concerned.

“One of my jobs as a duologist is to educate the general public on duology, or matchmaking,” Woodhouse said. “It is a very ancient and noble profession with roots in every time and culture. One day, I hope going to see the campus duologist is no stranger than seeing your academic advisor or counselor.”

According to some eager students, this move couldn’t come soon enough..

“I’m so relieved to finally have access to the sort of resources I need. And just in time too, what with it already being April… Maybe I will get that ring after all,” junior Helen Troy said.

Some seniors, however, feel the move by Student Life comes a little too late.

Unknown Parrot lobby couple met through the new university matchmaker. Photo by Bethany Munroe.
Unknown Parrot lobby couple met through the new university matchmaker. Photo by Bethany Munroe.

“Why is it the underclassmen get all the good stuff? I want a matchmaker,” senior Buddy Griffith said. “I’m considering flunking a few classes just so I can stick around here another year and get my money’s worth out this service.”

When asked if he was worried about perpetuating Christian College stereotypes like ‘MRS. Degree’ and ‘bridal college’, Eros replied, “Olivet is simply keeping up with the times. Many other Christian campuses around the country have already made similar services available to students. We want to remain as marketable as possible.”

The move seems to be working. A recent Purple and Gold Days tour was stopped and asked what they think of having a matchmaker on campus.

“I think it’s great,” future student Tristen Isolde said. “Finding a girlfriend is so time consuming that without this service, I might have had to choose between getting good grades and pursuing a girl. Now, I can let the matchmaker do all the leg work for me.”

Counseling services also supports the move to hire a matchmaker. They anticipate the move will bring about a marked decrease in the amount of loneliness and opposite gender anxiety that they treat on campus.

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