George W. Bush to speak at graduation

By Cody Stuart

Former President George W. Bush will be speaking at the commencement ceremony May 10 for this year’s graduates.

“It was difficult to secure someone as busy as Mr. Bush for the ceremony,” Bowling said. “However, I feel that in the end it’s worth all that hassle to provide the students with such an experience at graduation.”

Bowling went on to explain the process behind securing the former president to speak at the ceremony, saying that it took “countless hours on the phone” along with “dozens of emails” just to get in touch with Bush, much less convince him to make his way to Olivet.

Bush, affectionately known as “Dubya,” served as the president of the United States from 2001 until 2009, and before that was governor of Texas from 1995 to 2000. He was a rather controversial figure in politics, with many praising his strong commitment to eliminating terrorism and levelheaded economic policies, with just as many fuming over his international policy and his attempts to fix the educational system. However, one thing may be said above all others: Bush was a strong Christian.

The former president accepted Christ during a summer spent with his family in Texas when they were visited by the legendary minister Billy Graham. Bush said the strength of Graham’s example as a Christian truly touched him. That night, he accepted Christ into his heart, and now prays daily. As the former president said in his statement of faith, “I pray for guidance. I do not pray for earthly things, but for heavenly things, for wisdom and patience and understanding. My faith gives me focus and perspective. It teaches humility.”

“I believe Former President Bush is a very strong man spiritually,” Bowling said. “I look forward to welcoming him here to Olivet, and I hope that the students are as excited as I am for his arrival.”

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