Fossilized turtle bones found 200 years apart are perfect match

A fossilized bone fragment from a giant, prehistoric turtle was recently discovered and matched to its other half, found almost 200 years earlier, Los Angeles Times reports.

The first fragment was discovered in the early 1800s and was included in the collection of the Academy of Natural Sciences as early as 1849. Where, when, and by whom the bone was found is unknown.

The more recent find was unearthed in Monmouth County, New Jersey, by amateur fossil hunter Gregory Harpel. Harpel took the bone to the New Jersey State Museum, where natural history curator David Parris identified the bone as the humerus of a large turtle, adding that it appeared similar to the bone from the Academy’s collection. Jason Schein, the museum’s assistant natural history curator, brought the bone to the Academy while on a trip to Philadelphia and discovered that the two pieces were a perfect match.

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