Brilla.FM: New Hispanic station

By Grace King

Brilla.FM was launched online Mar. 3 as an official Hispanic radio ministry out of Shine.FM and Olivet Nazarene University.

Brilla.FM streams through Brilla. FM online. Broadcasting online gives the station the opportunity to broadcast anywhere in the world. Although they are still looking for a radio frequency, streaming online gives the station a chance to reach the entire Spanish-speaking world, according to Brian McIntyre, network general manager for Shine.FM.

According to a press release, “Brilla.FM’s mission is to collect, organize and broadcast Christian music of the Spanish culture. Broadcasting online, it will reach the entire Latin culture, not just the people of one specific country.”

Network director of Listener Engagement for Shine, Lisa Graft said, “We actually have a lot of Hispanic listeners. There is no one really servicing that market.”

McIntyre hopes the Spanish station will reach out to the Hispanic community and strengthen the radio program by providing students with more experience.

“I think the Spanish station definitely grows out of making a difference. That’s the untapped market in the United States, and we want to build stronger families within the Hispanic community,” McIntyre said.

Having lived in South America for seven years, McIntryre has had the opportunity to listen to a lot of Spanish Christian radio and hopes Brilla. FM can be a model of how to make Spanish radio great.

“I want to not only train future broadcasters how to correctly [run a Spanish station], but create a model of how to do it effectively,” McIntyre said.

Grisy Guzman, Olivet communications major and program host for Brilla.FM, said that she has been a firm believer in prayer and music as a universal language and sees radio as a way to combine these to apply to everyone, no matter the language.

“I hope that Brilla will be bridging the gap between demographics among Christ followers. I hope to bring an up-beat feel to Brilla that will not only reach our target audience, but also reach a younger audience and the entire family,” Guzman said.

Freshman Daneli Rabanalez is a communication major with a concentration in radio. She moved from Chiapas, Mexico with her parents when she was five years old. Working with McIntyre, Rabanalez volunteers for Brilla.FM as a music director and program host for the afternoon show.

In a press release, Rabanalez said, “Radio impacts the lives of many people. Seeing this happen for speakers of my native language is dear to my heart.”

To market Brilla, Shine held focus groups with Hispanic women to discuss their media usage and what a radio ministry can provide for them. With the focus groups, a defined target audience was determined for Brilla.FM, according to McIntyre.

“We knew we wanted an audience similar to what we target with Shine. The investigation is ongoing and it continues to be ongoing into the audience and their wants and needs and how we address certain needs,” McIntyre said.

Other program hosts for the station are Marcelo Fretes and Viviana Perez, youth pastors in Argentina, and Juan Manuel Fernandez, youth pastor in Washington state who grew up in Costa Rica.

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