New apartments open for fall 2014

By Emily Rush

Olivet has purchased the Stratford Apartments for the upcoming school year. Located about a mile away from campus, slightly further than the Oaks, these new apartments consist of three buildings with 12 two-bedroom apartments and four one-bedroom apartments.

Originally intended for only juniors and seniors, any men above the status of a freshman can live in these apartments. However, sometime in the future, Olivet is looking to keep students on inner campus for two years.

“It takes a lot of jostling around to see what fits best for how we do life here at Olivet,” Housing Director Donna McAllister said. But in the end they decided that number wise, Olivet is just not ready to keep sophomores on inner campus.

The requirements for living there will be the same as the requirements for University Place and Grand, and the apartments will provide over 140 additional beds to Olivet’s housing. This meaning that all current housing will stay in use. These apartments were only bought due to the increasing number of enrollment.

According to McAllister, the apartments have a “really great” floor plan and are spacious. Each apartment on the second floor will have a balcony, and each on the first floor will have a patio. All the rooms, excluding the bathroom and kitchen are carpeted. There is also a large grassy area nearby and plenty of parking spots available.

“I think our guys will be really happy,” McAllister said.

Olivet plans to run a year round shuttle service to both Stratford and the Oaks. The shuttle will hopefully run on a more consistent basis than the one this year and will help the men get to campus more quickly without using their own gas.

In addition to Stratford, the Oaks will no longer require an Honors application, and Bresee, Grand 215, and Grand 235 will be converted into married housing.

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