Boiler room employees busy over spring break

By Phillip Hill

Spring break: the time of the year when college students are expected to break free and go wild. You know it’s a big deal when MTV has full week coverage of it.

When you think of the activities that went on over spring break images are conjured of parties on the beaches of Cancun and Miami and tons of drunken binges. If you’re an Olivet student the wild rebel spirit means going a whole week without a Bible study and creating a Facebook album full of selfies with every friend, family member, and pet you have.

However, there are some students who did not get to take part in these activities. While everyone else left for a week, us student workers in the boiler room remained.

Although campus empties, Olivet is required by federal law to have someone attend and monitor the boilers that produce heat and hot water for all inner campus buildings. The simplest and most economical way to do this is to have the students who work there continue to do so over break. This may seem like a great tragedy for us, but things aren’t so cut and dry. Sure, we didn’t get to go home and see our families or party with friends, but the pay is pretty great.

Over spring break I worked in one week the same amount I normally would in two, and for a poor college student this is a serious thing to consider. You must consider that the loss of our break is not a surprise to us. When you are interviewed for a position in the boiler room, like any job, you are told what will be required of you. This includes the loss of part, if not all, of your school breaks and working on the weekends. You are then given time to pray over it and contact your family for their input, so you’re not put on the spot for a decision right then and there.

I decided to take the job and thus, it would seem money over family. It might not be the easiest or most glamorous position, even for a student worker, but it is a steady job with decent pay. In fact, boiler room workers usually get more hours than any other position on campus, although sometimes are required to work some pretty weird hours. So while home for spring break, I hope you remembered those who stayed behind and took a selfie in our honor

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