Senior girls reach 1,000 points

By Destiny Mitchell

As the ONU Women’s Basketball team approaches the end of their season, they also approach an impressive feat: all four seniors have reached the 1,000-point mark in their collegiate career.

Miranda Geever and Liz Bart reached this milestone early in the season, while Taylor Haymes and Malory Adam are trailing not far behind.

Geever was the first to reach 1000 points on Nov. 26 in a game against the University of St. Francis. Her father had been keeping her up-to-date on her stats and notified her once she had reached the 1000-point marker.

“That’s a huge accomplishment and I didn’t reach it in high school, so to reach it in college at a higher level of play is absolutely exciting,” Geever said.

Teammate Bart was also notified by her father that she had reached the 1000-point mark in a game against Madonna University on Dec. 20.

“I had no idea until my dad told me,” explained Bart. “He called me after the game and said congratulations and I’m like ‘Yeah, thanks, we won’ and he says ‘No, you got 1000 points.’”

The girls’ teammates matched their enthusiasm. “I was very excited for both of them,” Adam said. “They are both really great players, and I knew it was only a matter of time until they got it. Liz is such a great shooter and Miranda scores with ease.”

Though Adam and Haymes recognize the 1000-point mark as an honorable achievement, neither of the girls are going to sweat over it.

“[Reaching 1000 points] is a possibility, but I’m not focusing on it,” said Haymes. “I don’t play to score: I play for fun. I play to glorify God.”

“It is okay if I do not get it,” added Adam. “I know my career here does not boil down to just how many points I had.”

Geever and Bart have more than just devoted dads in common: they both began playing the sport in the third grade and played both basketball and soccer throughout high school.

Bart initially has a social incentive for picking up the sport. “It began as a way to make friends, but I didn’t know how in love I would fall with basketball,” she said.

Geever, however, had parental motivation. “It was all my mom,” she said. “I had played soccer before and a lot of the girls were getting into basketball so she thought ‘let’s just try this out.’”

Though her mother saw potential in a future with basketball, Geever’s father didn’t always agree.

“My dad was actually against it and was like, ‘No, she’s not going to be good at this.’ So I really have my mom to thank for getting me into basketball and making me stick through it,” she explained.

Adam began playing on an organized team in the 5th grade and Haymes started around age eight.

On Feb. 26 Adam and Haymes reached the 1,000 points mark. This means all four seniors on the team have reached 1,000 points in their college career.

The girls are especially drawn to ONU’s specific style of play, describing it as up-tempo, fast-paced and fun to watch.

Bart emphasized the total team participation in particular. “Everyone has a role and we all know what they are; when we gel it’s kind of hard to beat us.”

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