Iowa man allegedly fired for using forklift to obtain candy from vending machine

A Twix bar from a vending machine, at most costs a dollar. For Robert McKevitt, it cost him his job, girlfriend, and home, CNN reports.

McKevitt, a veteran of the National Guard, worked temporarily as a forklift operator Polaris Industries’ plant in Milford, Iowa, where he purchased a Twix bar from a vending machine, but it got stuck. Out of desperation he allegedly lifted “a candy machine about one to two feet off the ground with a forklift and then [dropped] the machine to the ground, which he repeated fix or six times,” according to a document filed with the Iowa Workforce Development.

However, McKevitt told CNN after he shook the machine several times and attempting to purchase several candy bars, he only used to the forklift to move the machine back to its original place.

“It may have looked like I was stealing candy bars, but the machine stole money from me,” McKevitt said.

​After meeting with human resources and his supervisors to reevaluate the incident, he was suspended for further investigation.

Read the full story here: Undone by a Twix: Iowa man fired for reportedly using forklift to free candy

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