Catholic nun jailed for breaking into nuclear site

A Catholic nun faces three years in prison following a break-in at a nuclear defense facility in Oak Ridge, Tenn., in July of 2012, BBC News reports.

Sister Megan Rice, 84, and two activists from Transform Now Plowshares, entered the facility by cutting through the fence and spent two hours painting graffiti on walls and stringing crime scene tape. The trio was charged with over $1,000 worth of damage to government property.

Rice’s accomplices, Michael Walli and Greg Boertje-Obed, were sentenced to more than five years in prison due to their prior criminal history. Rice encouraged the court not to show her leniency due to her status as a nun, saying, “To remain in prison for the rest of my life would be the greatest gift you could give me.”

Read the full story at: Elderly nun sentenced over US nuclear site break-in

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