Paint Wars: a stroke of fun

By A.E. Sarver @GG_Sarver

The true colors of Olivet were shown when 500 students gathered together to throw 110 gallons of paint on each other, but all in good fun, of course. This was not an ordinary event.

Paint Wars, hosted by Men’s and Women’s Residential Life, has quick- ly become one of the biggest event on campus after its debut last spring. This fall, 20 percent of the student body participated. Students wore white shirts with the expectation that they would be far from white by the end of the day, and played a series of games that all included paint.

“Everyone wanted to be a part of it. It just lets you be a kid; that’s the most appealing thing about it,” said Madison Lesseberg, vice president of Women’s Residential Life.

Participants arrived at Fortin Villa with friends, or perhaps the competi- tion, and chose their color of paint. The color they chose was the team they would be part of. The teams typically ended up being groups of stu- dents who did not know one another.

“They then came together for one purpose. There was team building,” Erinn Proehl, vice president of Men’s Residential Life said.

The event brought community and laughter, entertainment and relaxation. There were water balloons and squirt guns filled with paint. Friends were made as paint flew through the air.

“I’ve never seen our student body respond to such an event,” junior and Paint Wars participant Lillian Guenseth said.

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