Team World Vision runs for Africa

By Nicole Lafond @GG_Lafond

About 50 runners from the ONU community participated in the 16th Annual Chicago Half Marathon on Sunday, Sept. 9 with Team World Vision.

The team raised $130,000 for Team World Vision, and the proceeds were matched by the organization’s “For Every Child” campaign.

The money will fund clean water projects, such as wells and irrigation systems, in Africa.

The team was initially put together by Shine.FM and Justin Knight, general manager of the Shine.FM network and director of development strategies at Olivet. He has been involved with Team World Vision for over a year. An informational meeting about the team was held first semester last year, and an announcement was made in chapel to recruit students, faculty and staff.

Sophomore, Susan Morrill, attended the informational meeting and “fell in love with the idea,” she said. She joined the team after the meeting and was made a team captain.

Morrill kept the team devoted over the summer by staying in contact with the members. She believes she was called to be apart of this clause. “I saw this as an opprotunity to not only enhance my life, but to give life to individuals in a place I could never go.”

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