Seniors dominate Ollies Follies, freshmen overtake juniors

By Meagan Ramsay @GG_Ramsay

After a dominating presence at the Wacky Games and sporting events, the seniors sealed the deal as Ollies Follies champions with their inspired Variety Show performance.

“They had one of the hardest of the four themes, so they had to be really creative,” said Leon Blanchette, one of the five judges and associate professor of Christian education. “The filming of the video was outstanding. It was above all the rest, and they had great costumes and good participation from the class.”

The first-place finish was well deserved after the effort made by the senior class, said Taylor Polatas, senior class president.

“I want to cry right now. I’m so proud of our class and I feel like we’ve earned it,” Polatas said moments after the win was announced.

But while the seniors were celebrating their title, the other classes were left to ponder the upset by the freshmen, who came back from a lastplace finish at the Wacky Games to tie for second place overall with the sophomore class.

Here is the breakdown of points:


  • Before Variety Show: 9,250
  • Variety Show: 10,000
  • Total: 19,250


  • Before Variety Show: 5,600
  • Variety Show: 5,000
  • Total: 10,600


  • Before Variety Show: 3,100
  • Variety Show: 7,500
  • Total: 10,600


  • Before Variety Show: 6,750
  • Variety Show: 2,500
  • Total: 9,250

The scores indicate that the Variety Show performance elevated the freshmen significantly. But junior Shelley Dexter disagrees with the judges’ scoring.

“I’m shocked because I didn’t think we would lose that badly. I thought we put together a good show,” she said. “Based on the shocked looks on people’s faces and the response from all of the students, I think it came down to just poor judging.”

Judge Kayla Cornish, who is the event coordinator assistant at Olivet, spoke on behalf of the other four judges, “You judge on the overall show and the decision was unanimous.”

Regardless of the outcome, Ollies Follies ultimately is not about winning or losing, said Kathy Steinacker, associate dean for community life.

“It’s about class morale and building community,” she said.


  1. Great article! Go Seniors, but Go Freshmen! Way to represent!

    1. Technically, Sophomores beat the freshman. Freshman went over the time limit by 2 minutes.

      1. The judges didn’t take that into consideration.

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