The Zone, C-Store are no more

By A.E. Sarver @GG_Sarver

From new additions to campus such as the Student Life and Recreation Center and the deli in Ludwig to  the transformed Tiger card, change is becoming a regular presence on campus. But there are some changes students may have yet to notice.

While checking mail, one might notice that the old Zone is under construction. It will soon become a conference room.

Besides the technology needing to be updated, the decision to remove the Zone was simple.

“We’ve outgrown Ludwig Center as a student gathering place,” Dr. Woody Webb, vice president of student development said.

The Student Life and Recreation Center will provide portable gaming systems for the students to check out, according to Matt Smith, director of recreation services.

“Students like to game with friends.  The rec center will offer a place for them to do that,” Smith said.

He explained that the televisions in the rec center are designed to plug in for power and HDMI.

Another addition to campus, provided by Sodexo, is the new deli.  The additions include a new bread display, more ingredients and an oven for toasting the sandwiches.

Deli workers are equipped with all the necessary supplies to avoid repeated trips to the kitchen.

Katie Reynolds, a member on the Sodexo culinary team, expressed her excitement about the deli.

“I love making their day. My favorite part is to get them in and out so they can relax and enjoy their break,” Reynolds said.
Sodexo tries to have at least two workers at the same time to get students in and out quickly.

Senior Ben Cherney expressed his appreciation for the improved variety and quality of the deli.

“I did the sandwich line before, but not often. I’m pretty sure I go once a day now,” Cherney said.

Students are taking advantage of this improvement.  “[It’s] never boring at the deli,” Reynolds said.

The other changes include the new Tiger cards and the C-Store closing.

The new Tiger cards have extra features such as a contactless chip, ID-card linking to PNC bank account, and student discounts on and off the campus.

The C-Store closed because it was not profitable to Sodexo. Most of its products were shifted to the ONU bookstore and the Tiger Den for student purchase, excluding the frozen drinks.

According to Webb, these changes were made with the students in mind. Webb tries to keep the community aspect of the campus alive.

“Community is a very important aspect of the Olivet experience.  It is something my staff and I talk about a lot,” Webb said

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