Love petition creators hope to continue discussion on campus

By Nicole Lafond

Despite the sudden rush of conversation on campus surounding the Love Petition and the Defense of Marriage Petition last month, no further action has taken place since.

At the end of the week, the Love Petition received 114 signatures while the Defense of Marriage Petition received 100, though two-thirds of those who came to the table had to be turned away because they were not registered Illinois voters, said Trevor Alcorn, who ran the marriage table.

Although the petitions appeared to be rivals, organizers of the Love Petition said that was not the goal.

“The goal was to open up conversation on this campus,” senior Brock Johnson said. “We wanted to create another compassion-based outlet to allow students to express their opinions on the topic.”

Johnson is in dialogue with administration about creating a safe environment for the conversation to take place either on or off campus, but nothing will happen for the rest of this year, he said.


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