Changes made to the business department

By Luverta Reames

The business department is undergoing changes in each major to stay current and reflect what businesses are looking for in candidates.

The planning began last year. Dr. Glen Rewerts, department chair, met with business professionals to see what they were looking for in future employees.

The business department has added new courses called Enterprise Resource Planning I and II. The courses will be taught by Professors Brad Thomas and Steve Butler during the fall 2012 semester.

Several courses will see a change in name. Computer Applications in Business (BSNS 171) has been changed to Business Computer Applications and Communication. Advanced Computer Applications in Business (BSNS 271), has been changed to Business Computations/Management Support. Principles of Finance (BSNS 302) will become Personal Finance, and Corporate Finance (BSNS 444) will now be offered every year.

Additionally, Professor Lynda Allen reconnected the marketing major with the communication department.

“We have revamp[ed] courses … to make [them] social media friendly. Marketing with a public relations concentration has been strengthened,” Allen said.

The international business major has added a new study abroad opportunity operative partnering with Korea Nazarene University in South Korea.

Students taking courses in business computer application will also be able to become Microsoft certified.

“We want to stay current,” Rewerts said. “We are instituting a big push toward professional certification. We’re requiring Microsoft certification out of [computer application students] along with learning business applications students should know.”

Sophomore marketing major Brandon Klemm is optimistic about the changes to his major. “More required communication classes, regardless of the major, will be [better] because communication is used to some extent in every job, and being able to communicate well will only benefit you.”

The department is seeking professional certification for students in all the different business areas.

This goes along with the push toward certified public accountants, certified financial planners, professional human resource and enterprise resource planning for business information systems majors.

“This is designed to create more options for students based on their interests and career aspirations. It adds to students confidence, skills, their resume and their overall professionalism,” Rewerts said.

Senior business major Carrie Rabe wishes the changes to the department had been made available sooner.

“It would have benefited us seniors, especially since a lot of the people in our class are having hard times finding jobs,” she said.

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